Round 3 – Here We Go…

500 Dresses – Round 3

Deadline – October 31

You wanna know something kind of gross? I sewed right through my finger. I’m not kidding. When my mom and I were in the midst of the first round of 500 Dresses, I guess I got to sewing a little too fast and the needle went clear through my index finger. It is kind of surreal to see your finger attached to the sewing machine.  I survived (obviously) and it didn’t hurt as much as you would think, but my mom took one look at it and almost passed out. (She doesn’t have a stomache for stuff like that.)

That incident did not cause my love of sewing machines to grow…which brings me to the reason I have hesitated to set a deadline for the next shipment of dresses. Once the deadline is out there, I am forced to dive in to whatever God is going to do with this ministry this fall. Don’t get me wrong, this whole dress thing has been an incredible blessing, but I have always had a kind of love/hate relationship with sewing machines and I’m not really interested in anymore self-inflicted stitches.

But one thing that became incredibly obvious to me during Round 2 of 500 Dresses is that there are a lot of people who do enjoy sewing; especially for little girls who don’t have any pretty little dresses. So I am excited to facilitate the sewing and sending of m0re dresses (and shorts) to Haiti.

I will accept dresses and shorts until the end of October, and then I will ship them off to Mission to Haiti. Click on the “Get Involved” button on top of this page for ways you can take part this fall.

Kazzoinks Featured in Des Moines Business Record

My brother’s company, Kazzoinks, was recently featured in the Des Moines Business Record. As I’ve mentioned before, he has decided to participate with 500 Dresses by donating the money to cover the cost of one dress with every piece of Kazzoinks furniture that he sells. Naturally I want to promote his business because he’s my brother, but I’m also excited that some of his profits will benefit the children of Haiti. 🙂  Click here to check out the article and watch a short video about his business.