Sewing with Kids

It may have been slightly chaotic, but I had a great time with Mrs. Johnson’s third-graders at Ballard East. We spent some time talking about children in Haiti – (Did you know that only 1% of the children in Haiti graduate from high school and half of the children under age 5 are malnourished?) – Then we worked on some 500 Dresses projects. By the end of our time together, the kids had pinned size labels on about 30 dresses, cut out 3 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses and sewed a couple buttons. They might not have done everything exactly the way I would have done it (I came home with a couple pretty interestly cut pieces of fabric 🙂 ) but my goal was much less about getting a lot done than it was about teaching the kids and giving them an opportunity to do something for someone other than themselves. And I think they enjoyed it.

A HUGE thank-you to Mrs. Johnson for letting me come in and hang out with the kids.

Enjoy the photos!

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