Fabric Flower Tutorial

Flower 9

Before I start the tutorial, let me share a few interesting things I’ve learned this week.

1. The group of women from Ohio who had been planning to work with in Haiti are no longer able to make the trip. Soooo, instead of just tagging along on someone else’s trip, I will be coming up with my own sewing lesson plans. (Mom, I know you are giggling as you read that – at least on the inside.)

2. I am more crafty than I thought. Case in point – I made this super-cute fabric flower hair scrunchie on my FIRST try with the help of this blog.

3. My third son may be a wild and crazy boy who can slip the word poop into any conversation, but he has a sweet sweet heart inside that skinny little body. You can see what he made for me while I worked on my flower at my other blog here.

I will be coming up with four or five simple lesson plans for things to teach the students to make (with mom’s help :)). One of those will be the simple shorts tutorial that I posted a couple weeks back.  Another is this easy fabric flower that I made and sewed onto a hair scrunchie.

If I can make one, you can too. If you’ve got some fabric scraps and are looking for a project, go ahead and give it a try. And feel free to tell me if I need to make anything clearer in my instructions. I want to be able to leave completely understandable instruction sheets in Haiti.

I found a great website that translates phrases into Haitian Creole so I can type in

Fabric Flower Instructions and it will give me this Twal flè sa pou nou fè. How awesome is that?!?

HERE WE GO….Supplies

  • fabric (You don’t need much. This is a perfect use of scraps.)
  • Cutting board, rotary cutter (you can just use a scissors instead) and a measuring tool of some sort (I used a 4-inch square)
  • needle and thread
  • Hair scrunchie

Flower 1

Cut 8 4-inch squares and 2 3-inch squares

Flower 2

Cut a flower edge around each square. This doesn’t have to be perfect. Just free-hand it. Also cut a 1 1/2 inch square to use as your base.

Flower 3

Fold one of the large squares in half and then fold in half again like Lewis is showing here.

Flower 4

Sew the folded piece onto the base and repeat with the remaining seven large pieces.

Flower 5

You will end up with 2 layers of folded fabric pieces on your base.

Flower 6

Take the two small pieces one on top of the other, and bunch together as shown. Sew a couple stitches at the base of this piece to hold it together. Then,  sew it onto the base of the flower at the center where the points of all of your other pieces meet.

Flower 7

Unfold each little section to poof up your flower.


Sew it onto your hair scrunchie and you are done!

If you know me, you can appreciate how out of place this hair bow looks on my head 😉

Flower 10

4 thoughts on “Fabric Flower Tutorial

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