God and Numbers


Before I left for Haiti, Carter and I memorized the numbers 1 – 10 in Haitian Creole. I  had intended to learn a variety of sewing terms so I might be able to communicate at least a tiny bit with the sewing students, but the only thing I really learned concretely was un, de, twa, kat, senk, sis, set, wit, nef, dis.

Being able to count was more of a novelty than anything else. I didn’t really think I’d have any reason to use this itty-bitty bit of knowledge other than to have fun with it. But God is the God of the big things and of the little things, and he can use even creole numbers for his purposes.

On our first day of sewing with the teenagers, we had so many students that we couldn’t all be in the little classroom at one time. So, I took half of the kids outside, and we practiced using simple patterns to cut fabric. Very. Basic. But it was amazing to me the things I take for granted. Several of the students had obviously never used a scissors before and had to be taught the proper way to hold one. But, I digress…

For a time, I was alone with 8 kids who didn’t speak a lick of English while all of the interpreters were busy at the sewing machines. My project for the kids was to cut 8 4-inch squares and 2 3-inch squares out of fabric. Using hand motions and my counting skills, I was able to communicate to the kids what they needed to do. And they did it! Amazing! It is such a little thing, but I think God was like, “Well, she knows how to count, let’s see what we can do with that.” 😉

Thankfully, the caretaker Ti Fre’s son, (pictured standing at the left), noticed my conundrum and saved the day with his excellent interpreter skills, but how fun that God allowed me to use the 10 creole words I knew how to say.

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