Donate That Prom Dress in Your Closet


You don’t like to sew.

Fabric stores scare you.

And you couldn’t thread a needle to save your life.

So you just check in on our little ministry from time to time to see pictures of little girls in super-cute dresses.

That’s okay. We’re fine with that.

But 500 Dresses might just be up to something in which you can take part.

The photo above is a little dress shop in Port au Prince, Haiti. It is Mission to Haiti’s venture into working with people to learn vocational skills and providing an outlet for them to use them. And most importantly, it supplies a bit of income to people in rather destitute circumstances.

In this shop which is run by Brunel and Madame Benison (whose name I am totally spelling phonetically), they rent wedding gowns and sell dresses and a variety of other items. I’ve recently learned the shop could use some nice (think prom/bridesmaid) dresses in the store.

We would love to send a few of these types of dresses along with our next shipment.

And I’m thinking some of you may have a dress or know of someone who has a dress they’d like to donate to a worthy cause. I’m telling you, Mission to Haiti is about as worthy of a cause as you will find.

All you have to do is get your dress to my mom or me, and we’ll ship it to Haiti.

There are a few parameters, however…

I’m not talking about your 1982 balloon of a dress with the enormous side bow, or your 1992 sequins from top to bottom with shoulder poof that doubles as a flotation device dress.

old prom

I’m talking simple, elegant and stylish. Something current that an American gal would wear today (a modest American gal). I don’t want to send your junk to Haiti. I want to send your pretty stuff.

prom dress

If you think you might have something for us, please contact me at, on facebook or leave a comment on this post.

*need both small and large sizes

**If you have no dresses and don’t like to sew, but your heartstrings are being pulled to be a long-term influence in a Haitian child’s life, please click my Mission to Haiti link on the right and look into sponsoring a child. You won’t regret it.

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