Color and Contemplate: Could You Live On $60 a Month?

Dress 3 copy

Color. You know you want to. Go ahead, dig out your crayons.

Contemplate.  Albert Einstein said, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  So read on and live dangerously.

The average annual household income in Haiti is $700. That is $58.33 per month. We spend about that much money per month on milk at our house!

At $50,700, the average annual household income in the US is 7242 times more than that of an average Haitian family.

There are days I open my pantry door and think, “there’s nothing to eat,” when in reality we always have more than enough. It is not uncommon for Haitians to wake up with a choice. Will I eat today, or will I go to school? All schools, even the public schools charge a fee for attendance. I’m thankful that I have been so blessed my family has never had to make that choice.

If you’re coloring and contemplating leads to a desire to help a  Haitian child go to school and eat, click on the Mission to Haiti link in the right column. You will find lots of sweet boys and girls who are longing for enough food to eat and the opportunity to go to school.

Haiti info from UNICEF 2011 statistics. US info from

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