Dress Donation Deadline

Donated Formal Dresses

Donated Formal Dresses

DEADLINE – August 15

Any items received after that date will be saved for the spring shipment.

After visiting Dorcas Ministry Shop (the name of the business receiving the formal dresses), spending time with the tailor Brunel, and working with three women who were hired part-time by the shop, I’m excited to send some items specific to their needs. Every formal dress you donate becomes potential income to these Haitian workers. Your small donation can become a great blessing.

Thanks so much to those of you who have donated formal dresses already and to those of you who have committed to donating a dress. I’d love to be able to send a box full of formal gowns along with our box of sundresses and shorts.

And if you take a look at our tally, you will see that we only need 125 items to reach the 1000 mark. We’ve got 74 items ready to go, so only 51 more and 500 Dresses will have shipped 1000 items 🙂

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