Color and Contemplate: Got a Job?

Dress 4

Once again, you can color the dress above and contemplate the stat below.

The unemployment rate in the United States is approximately 8.2 percent. The official unemployment rate I found for Haiti was 40.6 percent, but I’ve read some news articles that place that number at 70 percent or higher. Yowzers!

I think of the sweet women who washed clothes all day long while Corey and I were in Haiti in April. They were paid very little by our standards, but they were employed and happily doing a job I can’t think of one person in America enjoying. Plus, they got my whites so brilliantly white that I was amazed. In fact, chances are if I have talked to you about my trip, I have probably mentioned the wash ladies. My washing machine has nothing on them.


Every time I think about the hardships in Haiti, I have a new appreciation for my blessed live in the Midwest.

US statistics from 2012 Haitian statistics from 2010

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