1000 Dresses and A Book Giveaway



Who’d have thought when we started sewing a few years ago that we would end up sending 1000 items to Haiti! I didn’t. (Technically, the post title is misleading because the shorts are included in the count total, but 1000 Dresses sounds more exciting than 1000 Clothing Items.)

I don’t know what God has down the road for us, but he keeps providing supplies, money for shipping and women willing to sew and donate dresses. And the need in Haiti is ever so great, as it has been named poorest country in the world.

We surpassed the 1000 mark by 3 items with this shipment. Here’s the breakdown:

Formal Gowns – 36

Sundresses – 70

Shorts – 22

In honor of hitting 1000, I am going to give a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Women away. They published one of my stories in the book and gave me a few free copies, so I’m going to pass a copy along to one of you. (I’m also giving a copy away at 26 Letters.)

Just leave a comment here or on facebook and I’ll put your name in the running. (And please share about our ministry with you friends. The more people who know about it and take part, the more we can do.) I’ll draw a winner a week from today.

36 Formal Gowns Heading to Haiti

dress sampler

It is fun to send little sundresses and shorts to Haiti, but I have to say the “girly-girl” part of me has loved this formal dress project. You guys have donated a bunch of beautiful dresses! And I had some fabulous supermodels (who shall remain nameless) pose in some of the gowns for me.

Esther said she is very excited to get the dresses and that Dorcas Ministries has 8 rentals scheduled for August. Thanks so much to all of you who have donated dresses. What you consider a small act of kindness will help a Haitian mom (who is really not much different than you,) put food on the table.


PS – I’ll still take your gowns and save them for the next shipment.

Dresses Dresses Dresses



Some traveling and family time has kept me from updating recently, and I don’t have a total count yet, but I do know we have at least 30 formal dresses and more than 70 sundresses and around 20 pairs of shorts.

Mom and I are going to spend some time tonight figuring out exactly what we’ve got and what size boxes we will need to ship them.

We won’t be sending them off until next week, so if you forgot our deadline was today, you can still get dresses to me this weekend.

I’m amazed at how many awesome dresses have been donated!

19 Formal Dresses and Counting…


We’ve got 19 formal dresses ready to ship to Haiti with more on the way! Fancy dresses are not a common item in our household, so I’ve been having a lot of fun checking out all of the donations.

When I was little I always tried on the gowns my mom altered and wondered about the Prince Charming who would take me to prom. Turns out my Prince Charming didn’t arrive until long after my prom years were over. But he was well worth the wait 🙂

 I have not been trying on these dresses, but the high school gals who come over on Monday nights have been. They are such good sports letting me take photos of them in the dresses so I can email pictures to Esther and give her a heads up of what I’m shipping in the big brown box.


I’m taking dresses until August 15 if you have any you want to donate.