36 Formal Gowns Heading to Haiti

dress sampler

It is fun to send little sundresses and shorts to Haiti, but I have to say the “girly-girl” part of me has loved this formal dress project. You guys have donated a bunch of beautiful dresses! And I had some fabulous supermodels (who shall remain nameless) pose in some of the gowns for me.

Esther said she is very excited to get the dresses and that Dorcas Ministries has 8 rentals scheduled for August. Thanks so much to all of you who have donated dresses. What you consider a small act of kindness will help a Haitian mom (who is really not much different than you,) put food on the table.


PS – I’ll still take your gowns and save them for the next shipment.

2 thoughts on “36 Formal Gowns Heading to Haiti

  1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! If you want to read about a woman who is really a blessing to Haitian women and children, I had the awesome opportunity to write a story for Today’s Christian Woman about Esther Giunta who opened the bridal/formal gown rental business. I’ll make sure to post a link when it is published.

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