Life in Haiti: Getting to Know Sonia

In an effort to create a connection with the Haitian women at Dorcas Ministry Shop, I’ve decided to interview each of them with the help of Brunel (tailor/translator extraordinaire).
It’s so easy to give our time or money to a good cause and never take the time to think about the people we are helping. But they are real people just like you and me. Born into different circumstances, but made in the image of God and saved by the same faith in Christ that saves us.

Meet Sonia Charles

1. How big is your family?  Nine family members. Eight children and myself.
                                        Solene Senatusse          28
                                         Jorden Dorvil                23
                                        Amos Dervil                   19
                                        Samuel dervil                17
                                         jhonsly valbrun            15
                                         Edisson valbrun           13
                                         Lense   Darius               11
                                         Daline    Pierre                8
2. Describe where you live? I live in a tent that has two little rooms on a field. (She rents her tent.)
3. When did you become a believer in Christ? 1981
4. How have you seen God at work in your life? I have seen God at work in my life very much. When I was sick, God healed me.
5. What is the most difficult challenge you have faced? The most difficult challenge for me is to keep my children in school every year because my income isn’t enough.
6. How has your job at Dorcas Ministries Shop affected your life? My job is very useful because it helps me feed my children even if I can’t send them to school.
7. What is your favorite part of working at Dorcas Ministry Shop? Making bouquets (She is pictured above with one of the bouquets she made.)
8. What is one thing you would want Americans to know about life in Haiti? I want them to know about the misery. Poverty is in a high level. Any help I can get for my children is a blessing to me.May God bless you.
(Sonia is on the right in this photo taken during a sewing class in April.)

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