The Blessing of Child Sponsorship

If I have spent any time at all gushing talking to you about our trip to Haiti in April, you’ve probably heard me mention Jean Jacques.

When I was 21, I tagged along on a mission trip with a friend from college. While there, I saw a photo of this cute little guy and decided to become his sponsor.


For the next dozen years or so, Corey and I sponsored Jean Jacques. We received regular photos and letters and watched as he grew from a little guy to a young adult.

He graduated a couple years prior to our April trip to Haiti, so we lost contact. But when we were on the Mission to Haiti campus, I asked the Haitian employees if they happened to know anything about Jean Jacques. They not only knew where he lived, they offered to go get him so Corey and I could connect with him again. That was pretty sweet.


But even sweeter was that while talking to Jean Jacques, Corey realized he had been working with his dad all week. A lucky coincidence? I don’t think so!

I could never have imagined so many years ago on that college trip to Haiti that my future husband (Corey and I hadn’t even started dating yet) would eventually travel to Haiti with me and work construction with this little boy’s dad.

That definitely made my world feel small and my God feel big.

God has blessed me over and over through child sponsorship, and now he is also blessing Carter and Owen as they have a direct connection to the two boys we currently sponsor. I hope they will one day meet Lucson and Pierre. But in the meantime, my boys’ eyes are opened to a world so different from the one they live in, and their hearts are opened to these two boys who are so different from them yet so much the same.

Thinking about sponsoring a child? Click the link on the sidebar. You won’t regret it.

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