Fullfill Magazine – My Story About 500 Dresses

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to write part of the 500 Dresses story for Fullfill magazine.

Check it out – The Next Thing  (It starts on page 26.)

There are about a million stories I would love to tell about how God has shown himself to me since my mom and I started sewing dresses for Haiti. But that would make for a super-duper long magazine article.

  • Like the one about the sweet third-grade class that cut-out this dress (Mom salvaged it. She’s awesome that way.)
  • IMG_0755Or about how the men from my Sunday School class sewed right alongside the women.
  • Or how Corey designed wooden patterns that we clamp down and cut with rotary cutters to speed production.
  • 2012-04-29_11-20-19_179Or how we receive checks, sometimes from people we don’t even know. And how they seem to arrive at just the right time so that mom and I have hardly had to put a cent of our own money into this endeavor.
  • Or how I sewed right through my finger and survived (though mom almost passed out looking at it 😉
  • Or how everything fell into place perfectly for our trip to Haiti.
  • Or how I stood in the middle of the airport terminal jumping up and down, flailing my arms and yelling to my husband and subsequently got on a flight there was no way we should have made (they had even already given us vouchers for a flight for the next day)
  • Or how our giant duffle was lost in transit and when we got it back there was a hole in it and nails were falling out as Corey wheeled it through the airport.
  • Or how Corey and his construction team finished there project for the week in 2 days (because my husband is just that awesome)
  • c4
  • Or how I got to hang out with the Haitian interpreters and left the country with such a strong sense of how much they are just like you and me; only without our monetary resources.
  • Or how I felt so very much like I was right where I was supposed to be as I sweated with a bunch of American and Haitian women over sewing machines and fabric and scissors and needles.
  • Or how I now have a deeper passion for Haiti and a love for Shop Dorcas Ministere…

I could go on and on and on and on. But I’ll spare you…for now.

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