A Christmas Gift for Dorcas Ministry Shop


Would you consider adding a thing or two to your Christmas shopping list this year? Maybe you could squeeze one of the following  items somewhere between the xbox, the Under Armour hoodie and the astronaut ice-cream. . . Oh, wait. That’s my list.

1. Soft Velcro (for cloth diapers) – The women have begun making cloth diapers to sell,and they need soft velcro to go against that little Haitian baby skin.

2. Mother-of-the-Bride type of dresses (all sizes) – Though most of the formal gowns at Dorcas Ministry Shop are rentals, the mother of the bride always purchases her dress, so they need extra stock.

3. Flower Girl Dresses – Do you have one of these hanging in your closet somewhere? We’d be happy to take it off your hands.

4.Fabric for making flower girl dresses and fabric bouquets. – The women have the talent to sew these items, but they need supplies. Maybe you have some fancy fabric in your stash that you’d like to give to a good cause.

5. Needles and Thread

6. Zippers

(We will also continue taking your formal gowns, and sundresses and shorts.)

Thanks for thinking of Haiti this Christmastime.

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