Coffee and Dresses Success


Thanks to everyone who came out to Solid Rock Coffee House on Saturday to learn more about our ministry. And thanks for understanding if I looked like I didn’t know what I was doing (because I really didn’t know what I was doing.)

We so greatly appreciate the donations we received. From flower girl dresses and velcro to fabric and cash, we are excited about the items we will have in our next shipment! I shouldn’t be surprised at the support because when God leads you to do something he always provides, but I’m still a little overwhelmed when I think of how he provides over and over again.

Learn more about  where we are sending the sewing items and formal dresses in this Today’s Christian Woman article. And be sure to check out Mission to Haiti too.

We’re excited about the donations, but we’re also excited to give a few things away to say thanks. The following are the winners of the drawings

1.  $20 Solid Rock Gift Card (donated by Sara at Solid Rock. Thank you Sara!!) – Jayme Wilken

2. American Girl Doll outfit – Erica Thorson

3. Hope for Haiti children’s book – Cheryl Patterson

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