The Girl in the Purple Dress

Kulusumu and her family

Kulusumu and her family

Meet Namusubo Kulusumu. Her Muslim family has a history steeped in polygamy and witchcraft. But last year she received one of  the millions of gift-filled shoeboxes from the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child ministry. That one shoebox changed her family’s view of Christians.

They said they realized  “born-agains are different” when the local Christians shared their gifts with the Muslim children.

That small gift opened the door for Kulusumu, who had no previous formal education, to begin attending a school where she is not only learning reading, writing and arithmetic, but also about Jesus.

And because Kulusumu wrote a letter to Carter thanking him for the gift, I became acquainted with a wonderful woman named Florence Were. The wife of the pastor of the church through which the shoebox gifts were distibuted, Florence and I have been corresponding for the past several months. I feel like I am making a new friend. One whom I will likely not meet on this side of heaven, but with whom I share a common love for Jesus and desire to serve where he calls me to serve.

Right now, that call includes Iganga, Uganda.

Now that we’ve got our Haiti shipment on its way, Mom and I are planning a special shipment to Uganda which will include dresses and sewing supplies. We are currently researching the most economical way to get a box across the ocean. The UPS man told me to ship a package the size of one of the boxes we sent to Haiti would cost us $850. Yowzers! So that option was eliminated. The USPS is a possibility, but it is looking a bit pricey also. We’ve got the wheels spinning on a couple of other options, but we do not have a solid plan yet.

I do know that if the God I serve owns the cattle on a thousand hills,  he can probably get a box of stuff from Central Iowa to Iganga, Uganda. 🙂 I’m pretty excited to watch him work. Are you?

Kulusumu's home

Kulusumu’s home




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