Luggage for Uganda

photo courtesy iconmac

photo courtesy iconmac

Winter is gone (at least it is according to the calendar) and chances are you are getting the itch to do some spring cleaning to clear out the stuff that’s sucking the space out of your house. (Unless, of course, you have hoarding tendencies. In which case, the following request is probably not for you 😉 )

We are in need of a piece of luggage to ship to Uganda. It doesn’t have to be new or pristine. It just has to be durable and of a decent size. We’ll use it to ship supplies, and then we’ll let Florence keep it. If you think you have something that might work, please let me know.

And if you have some little dresses or shorts or sewing supplies you’d like to help us fill it with, I’d be happy to take those off your hands too. Florence has requested a few specific items for their vocational sewing classes and they are listed on the header of our page.

Thanks for your help with this ministry!


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