10 Facts About Uganda


1. Uganda is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon.

2. The capital city is Kampala.

3. English is the official language, but many languages are spoken in the country.

4. Ugandan currency is the shilling.


5. The average life expectancy in Uganda is age 54.

6. Eighty percent of the work force labors in agriculture.

7. Coffee accounts for the bulk of export revenue.

UG_caramel_pecan( You can order Ugandan Gold coffee and try it for yourself. )

8. The literacy rate is 70 percent.

9. Fifty-two percent of the population live on less than $1.25 per day.

10. Geographically, Uganda is where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle.

(all stats were taken from cia.gov, compassion.com, and nationalgeographic.com)

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