Dresses and Shorts for Uganda

Iganga School Children

Iganga School Children

Here are some of the cute little faces of Iganga, Uganda.

Children whom you can bless by donating to 500 Dresses.

I’m hopeful we can fit  40 dresses and 40 pairs of shorts into one piece of luggage, in addition to some sewing supplies. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but we have a lot of experience rolling clothes up super-tight to ship to Haiti, so I think it’s doable.

In order to make it work, I have a couple suggestions for those of you thinking of donating.

1. DRESSES. The simpler the pattern the better. Pillowcase dresses are perfect for this shipment because they lay flat and roll tight. (We’ve had a few cute ones donated already.)


2. SHORTS. These aren’t nearly as much fun to make which is probably why we’ve sent 800+ dresses compared to 200 pairs of shorts. I found these shorts at Walmart. They are lightweight and inexpensive (about $4 each). If you are interested in donating some shorts, these would be perfect.  Any size is fine. (Click on the shorts to go to the Walmart link.)


 Anything we can’t fit into the suitcase will be saved for the next shipment to Haiti.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the sweet Ugandan woman I am getting to know via the Internet.

“If you  ever happen to visit our country, the ways of life of some people can cause you to shed tears. You can be surprised about how children grow in such environments, but we thank God for His protection and provision upon his people. By God’s grace people live happy lives irrespective of what they are going through.” – Florence Were, Iganga Uganda


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