A New Home In Haiti


This was Alix’s home. This little structure of sticks and mud with a tin roof.


This is a photo I recently received showing Alix’s completed new home.

Alix's House

Alix is a young man who was sponsored through Mission to Haiti, and Corey had the opportunity to work on his house last year.

My hubby spoils me here in the US with his amazing design and construction skills, and I love that I have had the opportunity to live in more than one home that he has constructed. But I love even more that he saw my heart for Haiti and chose to give up a week of his time to follow me to the tiny country and use his talents to help bless a Haitian family with a roof for their new home (while I used my mediocre seamstress skills to teach some sewing classes).

My husband is awesome. And seeing this family beside their new home is awesome. And the good that Mission to Haiti does for so many is awesome.

God changes lives through Mission to Haiti: often through their child sponsorship program. Regular meals, regular medical check-ups and a Christian education give these kids hope, not only for their lives here on earth, but also for their eternal future. And for some kids, like Alix, it can mean four stable walls and roof over their heads.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, visit  Mission to Haiti online and take a look at all of the children in need.

The photos below were taken of the house in progress while we were in Haiti.



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