Our Uganda Connection



Florence Were (third from the right in the photo)  is a pastor’s wife in Iganga, Uganda. Her husband has been leading the Faith Power Assembly Church in Iganga since 1998. The church has a congregation of 150 (including children) and a desire to reach more people for Christ.

Florence works with women, counsels youth and advises and oversees the Sunday School program.

The Weres have three children: two biological and one whom they found and took in as their own.

Basically, she’s a wife, a mother and a part of a church family. Just like me and many of you.

According to Florence, Islam is the predominant religion where they live in Southern Uganda, but  Christianity is beginning to take root. The church tries to reach out to those who don’t yet know Jesus through open air meetings, door-to-door preaching and a mercy ministry.

“We show them that we love and care for them by helping their needy with what God provides for us,” she said.

Our dresses and shorts will provide the Faith Power Assembly Church with more provisions to take care of tangible needs among believers and within the Muslim community. We have the opportunity to help the church to be the hands and feet of Christ.

You may remember, Namusubo.



Because of the Operation Christmas Child gift she received from my son Carter last year, her Muslim family allows her to attend a Christian school. So who knows what will happen when more people receive Christ’s love in the way of dresses and shorts sent from Iowa.

I wish I could sit over a cup of coffee and chat with Florence. Bits and pieces of information passed back and forth sporadically via email is great, but I have a feeling I would very much enjoy her company. And I think she could teach me a little something about the important things in life.

As always, thanks so much to all of you who support 500 Dresses. 



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