A Church Without A Building – Iganga, Uganda


This is one of the first photos I received from Florence in Uganda. A group of students and school teachers are standing in front of the building that served as both a place of worship and a primary school.

After my initial contact with Florence, mom and I decided we’d like to help Faith Power Assembly Church and the community of Iganga by sending some dresses and shorts for children. In addition we planned to send sewing supplies and a financial donation for them to purchase a sewing machine to help them realize their dream of opening a vocational sewing school in their church/school building.

Then this happened…

SAM_1991 SAM_2000 SAM_2007

…A storm severely damaged the structure and rendered it unusable. They have been able to secure enough funds to frame it back up, as you can see in the bottom two photos, but they are still in need of metal for the roof.

SAM_3458 SAM_3452 SAM_3759

We don’t plan to morph 500 Dresses into a building fund blog, but mom and I talked about it and have decided we would like to wire a one-time donation to help defray roofing costs. We were already planning to wire approximately $75 for a sewing machine and will still designate that money in that way. But there is no way they can start a sewing school until they have a completed building, so we think it is a worthwhile detour from our “normal” ministry to send a donation for building supplies.

We’d love to see the vocational training become a reality, and I’m confident that God connected us to this church for a  reason.

Please don’t feel pressured to give, but any donations we receive in the next two weeks will be designated toward roofing costs.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at 500dresses@gmail.com. If you’d like to make a donation, send it to our temporary address at 500 Dresses, c/o Kim Harms, 809 Ashwood Dr., Huxley, IA 50124.


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