Sharing About 500 Dresses

500 Dresses Jan and Kim


Yesterday Mom and I had the opportunity to talk about 500 Dresses at the Evangelical Free Church of Britt: the church I grew up in and the church my folks are still involved in. They asked mom to tell the congregation a bit about the ministry, but if you know my mom, you also know that she’d prefer scrubbing a floor with a toothbrush to public speaking.  (A few years ago there’s no way I would have done it either.)

As I tried to figure out what I wanted to say in my little 5-7 minute time frame, I was reminded of just how much God has done, just how big He is, and just how fortunate I am to be along for the ride.

There were a dozen more stories I would have liked to tell, but I refrained. So if you are stopping by our site after hearing from me yesterday, feel free to peruse some of the previous posts. Our God is a big God, and I’ve got some big God stories here that I wasn’t able to share  in detail yesterday.

Here are a few

All Because of a Little Shoebox

 From Iowa to Uganda

A Change of Perspective in Haiti

The Treadle Battle

I also would have loved to tell the story of Jean Jacques. That story will actually be posted at floatingleafpress tomorrow and has previously been posted at A Soothing Voice.

As always, thanks to everyone who as supported this ministry through donating sundresses, shorts, formals gowns, sewing supplies and more. (The more you sew, the less I have to 😉 )


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