God Never Wastes Obedience

Why I have been given an opportunity to befriend and offer support to a woman and her church in Iganga, Uganda (a place I will likely never go and a friend I will likely never meet) I don’t know.

But I do know that when God leads you to do something, and you do it,  no matter how small the request, your obedience can affect others in ways you may not even be able to imagine.

Sometimes God gives me a glimpse into the way something relatively small in the whole scheme of my life’s activities and responsibilities makes a big difference to someone else. He doesn’t have to, but he does. And every time he does, I feel loved. Like he is reaching out and saying, “Look what I can do with your little bit.” And it inspires me to look for more little bits  to give.

This little bit happened to be 500 Dresses cash donation wire and a suitcase.

The suitcase was donated by a generous woman doing her little bit.

It was filled with dresses, shorts and sewing supplies donated by others doing their little bit.

And it’s being delivered by another generous woman doing her little bit.

It’s just a lot of little bits of generosity to us, but a display of Christ’s love to Florence, her church and community.

Thank you God for using this email message from Florence to give me a picture of the great things you can do with my little bit. Continue to make us all aware the little bits you have for us to do. Amen



Thank you very much for  the much efforts, love and prayers you have put together to send us that lovely suitcase. To you it is a suitcase full of dresses, shorts etc. but to us, it is a suitcase full of love and hearts!! Thank you very very much!!

I am looking forward with excitement to receiving the first sewing machine for our vocational institution!! It is a great thing and a mark in it’s history! Some time God spoke to me about it and here it is I can see a cloud like a man’s hand but behind it is a heavy down pour!

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