From Huxley to Grimes to Kampala to Iganga


photo from

I’m eagerly anticipating some photos from Uganda, but while I wait I think this excerpt from an email from Florence is definitely worth sharing.

Praise be to the living God . I am so glad to inform you that last evening at around 4:00 pm, I was so honored to meet sister Amy Koester and I received the suitcase full of the beautiful dresses, shorts and the sewing materials. [I regard this as precious hearts from Iowa!!]  Thank you very much my dear sister…
I was so excited to learn from Amy that it didn’t cost her a penny to transport the suitcase from USA to Watoto Church Kampala!! What a blessing!! As well it costed me nothing to transport it from Kampala up to Iganga !! God is so good He has done us much good.
I haven’t spoken to Amy yet, but if this email is correct, she was able to take the extra piece of luggage free of charge. Our first estimate when mom and I started researching sending some items to Uganda was $850! (I talk a little about that in this post: The Girl in the Purple Dress.)

After seeing how this shipment played out, saying God is good feels like such an understatement.

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