Her Name is Love Mara and She Needs A Sponsor



One of my dearest friends in this world is named Mara. She is the only Mara I have ever known in my 37 years on this planet.  (After babysitting our three boys for years, she and her husband just had their first baby, whom I am in love with though I’ve only met her once…but that’s beside the point.)

I was perusing the sponsorship page at Mission to Haiti and saw this sweet little girl’s photo.

Her name is Love Mara. (Oh my goodness, how sweet is that?)

Here is her bio:

Love Mara lives in the rural community of Guedon. Her father is a farmer and her mother is unemployed. Jobs are not always available. Love Mara has 2 sisters and 1 brother.

For fun, Love Mara enjoys playing dolls with her friends. She is in Preschool 1 where her favorite subject is writing.

With that name and that beautiful little face I had to introduce you to her. Maybe someone out there wants to become an answered prayer for Love Mara and her family.

Corey and I have been sponsoring children through Mission to Haiti for 17 years, and have met all three of our sponsor boys. Mission to Haiti does a fantastic job with the support money they receive and these kids’ lives are changed because of it.

If someone out there decides to sponsor Little Miss Love Mara, will you let me know?

Here’s the link to get you started – Mission to Haiti sponsorship 





2 thoughts on “Her Name is Love Mara and She Needs A Sponsor

  1. It’s ironic that we just sponsored two children yesterday! And a few minutes before you posted this my son and I checked the website to see if the children we chose were listed as sponsored and we saw Love Mara and both commented on her name. 🙂 Really looking forward to adding the two children to our prayers and our family.

    • That is ironic 🙂 How awesome that you are sponsoring a couple kids. Mission to Haiti is so good about updating you and sending photos and letters from the kids. I think it’s a great way to teach our kids about the world outside the little bubble they live in here in Iowa.

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