Mission to Haiti

A number of people have asked me about the place we send the dresses and formal gowns in Haiti. The following is taken directly from Mission to Haiti’s website and summarizes the history and current mission. You will not see anything about the Dorcas Ministry Shop (bridal store). It is a new endeavor and different from their main focus of child sponsorship.

Loading a truck on the Mission to Haiti campus with beans and rice for distribution

Loading a truck on the Mission to Haiti campus with beans and rice for distribution


A Brief History of Mission to Haiti

In 1960, Bill Nealey, Sr. was invited to visit the country of Haiti.  Bill and Ann had only been married for two years and were serving in their first church in Tampa, Florida.

Bill flew to Jamaica in a Pan-Am jet and then changed to a smaller plane to fly to the country of Haiti. At that time, the International Airport didn’t exist. As the small plane flew over the mountains of Haiti, Bill could see hundreds of little villages. He wondered if the people who lived there had ever heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Missionaries met Bill at the small military airport in Port-au-Prince. Within a few minutes they arrived at the mission compound. The next morning, scores of people began arriving to ask for food. They were the poor people of Haiti. Bill had never seen such poverty.

On Sunday, Bill went with the missionaries to have service in the mountains. It was the first time that Bill would have the opportunity to preach the Gospel to the people of Haiti. It was this experience that led to the beginning of Mission To Haiti.

A few years would pass before Bill would have the opportunity to visit Haiti again.  In the early 1970s, Bill was invited to go to Haiti for the second time.  He and another pastor spent a week in a small community near the border of the Dominican Republic.  This experience was even more eye opening than his first experience. On this trip, Bill realized that the Lord was leading him to begin a full time work in Haiti.

After taking several teams to Haiti to help a church in a rural community, Bill and Ann decided that the Lord was leading them to begin a ministry in Haiti. Bill resigned at the church where he was pastoring, and on January 1, 1981 Mission To Haiti was born.

Mission To Haiti is primarily a child sponsorship organization. We are presently working with 12 churches which all have Christian schools. More than 4,000 children attend these schools. We believe we are ‘transforming Haiti one child at a time’.

After 31 years, the Lord continues to bless the work and ministry of Mission To Haiti, with 12 churches and schools, a food program, and a medical clinic.

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