Love Mara Has a Sponsor :)


Do you remember this little girl? I happened upon her on Mission to Haiti’s website a month ago. She needed a sponsor, and I felt a pull to post her picture here at 500 Dresses.

After I posted her picture, a wonderful thing happened.

Actually, two wonderful things.

First, Marsha contacted me to let me know that her family had started sponsoring two Mission to Haiti children the day before I posted Love Mara’s picture.

Second, my friend Jessica sent me a text the next day that said, “I am excited to tell you the whole story sometime, but Love Mara is now a part of our family.” Yay!

Three new Haitian families are now able to send a child to school without worrying about the cost.  The kids will have the benefit of a noon meal, medical care and most importantly, they will learn about Jesus.

 I love what Mission to Haiti is able to do through child sponsorship, and I love the connection they allow the sponsors to have to the children. It is a great opportunity to show our own kids a world beyond our itty-bitty Midwestern town.

Starting next Monday, I plan to focus on child sponsorship here for a couple weeks.

Short of packing up and physically going to a country to care for those far less fortunate than us, sponsorship is one of the best things I can think of to make a significant difference in the life of a child and his or her family.

(PS – Later this week I will be posting about a fun new dress opportunity in Haiti.)

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