Haiti Shipment Deadline October 1

Haiti Dresses 6

OK, I lied 🙂 I said I would share a new opportunity this week, but have instead decided to get a shipment off to Mission to Haiti before announcing the new thing.

So here’s the deal.

Mom and I plan to ship 2-3 boxes the first week of October. What does this mean for you? Maybe something. Maybe nothing.

Do you remember those sewing machines that were so generously donated? Well, they have been hanging out in my storage room for a while now and six of them will be on their way in this shipment.

Funny sewing machine story rabbit trail – Our family just moved last week and these sewing machines of course moved with us. Because they are small and lightweight they were the perfect size for our seven-year-old to move. His Sunday School teacher told me yesterday that they were talking about being helpful and each kid was sharing ways that they are helpful to their family. I guess my little man told her that he was helpful by moving 500 sewing machines. Hee Hee. I guess maybe he’s prone to a tad bit of exaggeration 🙂 But he’s a keeper. He always makes me smile (Well, not always. Sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out, but that’s not as fun to talk about.)

I also have enough formal gowns/wedding dresses/flowergirl dresses to fill a large shipping box.

We would like to fill a third box with sundresses and shorts. We have a few dozen sundresses and zero shorts right now. I plan to purchase some clearance Walmart shorts to send down because (as I stated above) we just moved and finding and setting up my sewing machine is a bit low on my priority list at the moment. If you feel led to either purchase or sew some shorts and send them to me I’d very happily take them.

We also have a plethora (that is not an exaggeration) of donated fabric. If you want to sew dresses or shorts, but need some fabric you can come shopping in my fabric closet. I’ll give you as much as you want! Mom has lots of fabric too, so if you are closer to the Britt, Iowa area, she’d be happy to give you some of hers.

Anything that you get to us by October 1 will go in this shipment. Anything after that time will be held for the next one.

Thanks for your your support of this ministry!

 P.S. The new shipping address is 500Dresses, c/o Kim Harms, 314 Centennial Dr., Huxley, IA 50124

2 thoughts on “Haiti Shipment Deadline October 1

  1. I don’t see a contact icon – what is the new shipping address? I’ll try to get some shorts to you – any size preferable over another? Thanks – Bobbie

    • 500 Dresses
      c/o Kim Harms
      314 Centennial Dr.
      Huxley, Iowa 50124

      I’ll just add the address to the post so people can find it. The best sizes are for school age boys. I would say anywhere from a size 8-14 would be good. Thanks!!

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