Easy Sundress Patterns For the Sewing Novice

One of our frequently asked questions is, what pattern do you use for dresses?

The simple answer is we use a lot of different patterns. My mom, who is a seamstress extraordinaire makes some super pretty dresses using patterns that I won’t touch.

I am mediocre on the sewing machine and prefer as few pattern pieces as possible. Plus I don’t do zippers and I try to stay away from buttons 🙂

Below are a couple easy patterns that I regularly use

siimplicity halter pic

Simplicity Halter #5531

I this #5531 may be discontinued because I can only find it for sale on etsy, but I did find a similar one that you could try.

Simplicity Halter 6478

Simplicity Halter #6478

Let me know if you give #6478 a try. I haven’t used it, but it looks very close to the one I do use.

For larger sizes I usually use the Butterick pattern below.

Butterick 3860

 Butterick #3860

Depending on the fabric, sometimes I add a little trim to this pattern because it can look very plain.

We also accept dresses made from the pillowcase dress pattern. The following is a good tutorial.


Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

We use the above patterns regularly, but will accept any sundress pattern you choose to use. It’s fun to have a variety of sizes and styles to ship.

Happy Sewing 🙂

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