A New Opportunity: Accepting Baby Clothes in November

New mom reading her Bible with baby by her side. (photo taken from livesay haiti weblog.)

New mom reading her Bible with baby by her side. (photo taken from livesay haiti weblog.)

A year or two ago, I stumbled upon Tara Livesay’s blog at Livesay Haiti Weblog. Tara and her family live in Port au Prince, Haiti. A midwife, Tara works full-time at a relationship-based maternity center run by Heartline Ministries. Not only does the maternity center come alongside women through their pregnancy and deliver babies, but they also train young mothers in child development and parenting after their babies are born. All the while sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

When the new moms have completed a period of  six-months  of training, they are given a gift pack.

This is where you and I come in.

500 Dresses generally accepts dresses from size 3-14, but mom (and I’m sure some of you) end up with leftover fabric; enough for little baby dresses. We thought donating to the maternity center gift packs would be a great way to use some of that extra fabric.

For the month of November we will be accepting your donations of baby clothes for girls and boys (size 6-9 months preferred). They do not have to be hand-sewn. You may donate store bought if you’d like. And if you have LIKE NEW clothes to give us we will also accept those. (By like new, I mean when you look at it, you can’t tell it’s been worn before. I reserve the right to turn away donations that don’t fit the bill.)

Keep in mind the climate of Haiti. Lightweight fabric is best. Dresses, outfits and sleepers are all options.

Thanks in advance for joining us on the new adventure!

photo from livesay haiti weblog

photo from livesay haiti weblog

Shipment of Gifts to Indian Orphanage


A 500 Dresses box is on its way to India.

Mercy and Grace Orphanage in the Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, India contacted us requesting dresses and shorts several months ago. After doing a little research, we found the cost to be a bit on the high side. $600-$800ish. It just wasn’t feasible. But we wanted to do something, so we asked if there were smaller items they could use.

They suggested pens, pencils, colored pencils, toothpaste and toothbrushes, which mom and I purchased and strategically placed in a flat rate USPS box for shipping. (We have no plans to make sending these types of supplies a regular thing, but felt it was necessary this time.)

Now we wait to see if it arrives safely. I know pretty much nothing about India. I don’t know how reliable their postal system is or if they will allow the box to pass through customs.

You can pray with us that it will arrive safely and be a blessing to the boys are girls who receive it!

On another India note: Mom recently met a man who travels regularly back and forth to a different part of India, and it is likely that we will at some point ship a suitcase of dresses with him. We’ll keep you posted on that one 🙂

IMG_4320 IMG_4321 - Copy

For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods. In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him. Psalm 95:3-4 

Grace Women’s Retreat Service Project :)


Women from Grace Evangelical Free Church in Huxley took the time to make beaded necklaces to go with each dress and pair of shorts for Haiti this fall. How fun 🙂

Little soccer ball and cross necklaces were made, bagged and pinned to the clothes.

Four boxes are now on their way to Mission to Haiti, via Sheldon, Iowa. 

This is the lowdown of what we sent.

6 Sewing Machines

21 formal dresses

3 wedding gowns

79 dresses

50 pairs of shorts

3 flower girl dresses.

If you add those numbers and the suitcase we just shipped to Uganda to our grand total, we have now sent 1034 sundresses, 305 pairs of shorts, 89 formal dresses and 8 sewing machines overseas.

No dates are set yet for future shipments, but we may have the opportunity to expand to another country soon!

Untitled-1 beadss

So This Happened…Another Suitcase Enroute to Uganda.


Last week I was trying to figure out how I was going to fit all the formal dresses, sewing machines and kiddos clothes into four boxes to send to Haiti.

This weekend I realized it was a great blessing that we were bursting at the seams.

Amy, the lovely woman who took a suitcase to Uganda for us this summer, contacted us Friday to see if she could take another one… on Monday… As in today 🙂

A spur of the moment trip to Uganda was happening and she was allowed two checked bags and only needed one. So another lovely woman donated a suitcase, and I filled it. Now it’s headed to Iganga, Uganda.

Florence doesn’t even know yet that it’s coming, but tucked in that suitcase are 28 dresses, 28 pairs of shorts, a lightweight sewing machine, several yards of fabric and some other random sewing supplies.

 For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

God Provides. Always. Period.


I can’t even blame this mess on my boys. 🙂

This is what my spare room looks like with 100 sundresses, 68 pairs of shorts, 21 formal gowns, 6 sewing machines, 5 flower girl dresses 4 mother of the bride dresses and 3 bridal gowns in the midst of being packed.

Sometime next week this chaos will turn into four filled cardboard boxes. 🙂

We usually ship these boxes via UPS down to Miami where they hop on a ship to Haiti. To get one 40(ish) pound box from Huxley, Iowa to Port au Prince, Haiti costs approximately $160. To get four there? $640.

We have been blessed by people who send money for shipping. And we always have enough. Always.

Well, this time around, something very cool is happening. We are going to take these boxes to Sheldon, Iowa, where they will join a truckload of building supplies en route to Miami. Free of charge. Did you hear that? FREE OF CHARGE. And what is even cooler is that we have had 3 people offer to take these boxes to Sheldon for us. Wowzers.

That there is saving us at least $320 my friends. (We will still make a donation to Mission to Haiti to cover the cost of getting the boxes from Miami to Haiti.)

If I ever need reminded of God’s provision, all I have to do is read through the stories of what he has done with 500 Dresses.

Seriously. God provides. Always. Period.

(Thanks to all of you for providing too. It’s awesome. Really it is.)