Grace Women’s Retreat Service Project :)


Women from Grace Evangelical Free Church in Huxley took the time to make beaded necklaces to go with each dress and pair of shorts for Haiti this fall. How fun 🙂

Little soccer ball and cross necklaces were made, bagged and pinned to the clothes.

Four boxes are now on their way to Mission to Haiti, via Sheldon, Iowa. 

This is the lowdown of what we sent.

6 Sewing Machines

21 formal dresses

3 wedding gowns

79 dresses

50 pairs of shorts

3 flower girl dresses.

If you add those numbers and the suitcase we just shipped to Uganda to our grand total, we have now sent 1034 sundresses, 305 pairs of shorts, 89 formal dresses and 8 sewing machines overseas.

No dates are set yet for future shipments, but we may have the opportunity to expand to another country soon!

Untitled-1 beadss

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