Uganda and India: An Update

In the past couple of weeks I’ve heard back from Florence in Uganda and Madhava in India. Both received the things we sent, and both are extremely grateful. Below you will find an excerpt from each of their emails to me.


Greetings & God Bless you and your gracious generous heart for the Children. APPRECIATE YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR HELPING  THE CHILDREN….We are so grateful for your heart for the Children who are very happy to have the things and they are praying for you and your family. (Madhava – Mercy and Grace Orphanage, India)

God is so amazing!! Thank you very much for the special gifts to us once again. Thank you for my love letter and he children’s photos as well. They look so lovely and healthy.
 It was gifts were such an amazing surprise to our children and the ladies. The sowing machine is so wonderful and we expect to make a full use of it! Thank you for being a blessing to us.
Sister Ham was able to come with a friend and some two little children to visit us! It was also a divine plan and encounter. Who ever dreamt  of this/??!!  We had  a great time together, now she can tell you about us, She saw our school children , the church and the staff members. (Florence, Iganga, Uganda)
Amy,(referred to as Sister Ham in the email), the woman who delivered the sewing machine, supplies and clothes for us had the opportunity to visit Florence’s church and meet some of the children and church members. How sweet is that?!
Madhava has requested that we send supplies periodically to the orphanage. Pray with us as we consider how we can best continue to offer them support.

God is good.

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