Christmas Gift Ideas That Profit the Poor


When you buy from the organizations listed below, you will not only have a great gift to give to someone, but simply by making a purchase, you are putting money in the pockets of people who are in desperate need.


I discovered Ugandan Gold Coffee after I began corresponding with Florence. I have yet to purchase some, but if you are on my Christmas giving list, it’s very possible you will get a sample this year 🙂

The following is their mission taken straight from their website.

Ugandan Gold gives you an opportunity to make a real world, mission difference.

In Uganda today, one out of every five children will die before their fifth birthday.

Clean water, our most precious global resource, is available to less than 1% of Ugandans, and remains the primary obstacle to a healthy, productive, hope-filled life.  It is also a major reason why the average life expectancy is only 46 years in Uganda.

When you purchase and drink Ugandan Gold, your money goes to improve these conditions. 100% of the profits go back to Ugandan to declare the Gospel, help improve healthcare, enhance education, create jobs, and insure that Ugandan children and their families have access to clean water.

This is your opportunity to change the world.  Please make Ugandan Gold your mission, and your coffee.

To order, head on over to Ugandan Gold.



My cousin, Annie Engelman, and her sister-in-law, Beth, started an incredible non-profit in 2008. Links of Hope is an organization that equips rural, marginalized women and Deaf artisans from developing countries such as Honduras, Kenya and Costa Rica with free jewelry making training, tools, and raw materials.

The following is taken from their website.

Links of Hope Network combines two great passions: the passion to design beautiful jewelry and the desire to help women and Deaf students and artisans in developing countries.  Setting out to join a movement of non-profit organizations shifting from traditional models of aid and charity, Links of Hope Network is a new non-tradtional “philanthrocapitalist” approach that uses business thinking and fashion trends to inspire change and positively impact the lives of those we serve.

We celebrate that every man, woman and child has infinite value and it is our desire with Links of Hope to communicate love, respect and dignity to each artisan we work with.

Rather, than give a temporary handout, it is our goal to teach the artisans we train a marketable cottage industry, in order for them to provide for their own families with sustainability.  With continual relationship and dialog, it is our commitment that artisans earn fair wages, and we are proud that no matter how remote, our artisans can work from home and care for their families first and foremost.

By purchasing some beautiful jewelry, you are helping poverty stricken artisans earn a living.

To check out what they have to offer, head over to the Links of Hope etsy store.

(If you know of other organizations that sell products to the profit of the poor and destitute, let me know. I’d be happy to share them here.)

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