Heart of Iowa Long Arm Quilt Guild Speaking Engagement


Photo courtesy of accuquilt.com

A big thank you to Michele Pettorini of the Heart of Iowa Long Arm Quilt Guild for inviting me to speak at the monthly guild meeting last night. It was a fun opportunity.

I would have enjoyed sticking around to meet more of you in person, but I have a little boy who likes his mama to scratch his back before bed so I hustled to get home before he fell asleep.

For those of you from the guild who are visiting this site for the first time I am providing links to a couple of the organizations I talked about last night.

1. Heartline Ministries (maternity center), Livesay Haiti (this is the personal blog of one of the midwives).

2. Mission to Haiti

Just for fun here’s a photo of the one and only quilt I’ve ever made. It was a 4-H project in high school. It doesn’t even compare to the beautiful things that actual quilters do, but it works really well in basement fort building. With three boys, we’ve had a LOT of forts in our basement over the years 🙂



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