Baby Clothes Heading to Heartline Ministries in Port au Prince, Haiti


Thanks to all of your generous donations we have 76 little baby outfits boxed up and ready to head to Heartline Ministries Maternity Center in Port au Prince, Haiti.

In Haiti, a woman’s lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 83. In developed countries the rate is 1 in 3,800.

Heartline Ministries is slowly and diligently working to change this.

Heartline has been working along side the courageous Haitian people in Port au Prince for more than twenty years. Heartline approaches Maternal Health care with a model based in quality care, love, respect, and relationship building. The women that enter the prenatal program are known by name, their stories are known by the midwives that help to see them through a safe pregnancy and delivery. – (

Our donation of baby clothes will be added to gift bags given to the women who complete a child development class after the birth of their babies.

After the ladies in our prenatal program have their babies, they begin attending our Tuesday child development classes. Every week Haitian mothers show up faithfully for class. When they arrive their babies are weighed to check for proper weight gain. If a mother is having breastfeeding issues we work with her, encourage her, and give her the information she needs to continue to successfully nurse her baby. Then the women eat a high protein meal together.

After lunch the ladies attend the child development class. We teach about topics relating to parenting, motherhood, womanhood, nutrition, and breastfeeding. We see these classes as very important in empowering women with truth and life-saving information for themselves and their children. In addition to teaching, we also learn a lot from the women about Haitian culture. We teach, but we also listen. When class is over medical care is offered for the women and children who are sick. – (

Please visit Heartline Ministries online and/or LivesayHaitiWeblog to learn more about the super awesome things that God is using them to do in Haiti’s capital city.

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