V-Neck Knit Sundress Tutorial

Tuesday’s Tutorial is a larger sundress (probably a woman’s small). I think this one would be perfect for older girls who might want more than a couple tied ribbons holding their dress up. It isn’t super-simple like a pillowcase dress, but still looks relatively easy. You could skip the pockets to simplify it too.

It comes from  Melly Sews.

And it looks like this.

photo from mellysews.com

photo from mellysews.com

Sundress Tutorial with Flutter Sleeves

We receive a lot of pillowcase dresses. They are cute and simple to make. But this week I am going to encourage you seamstresses out there to try something different.

Each day I’m going to post a link to a different simple sundress tutorial that I have found out there in cyberspace.

I dare you to give one a try.

Momday’s dress comes from It’s Always Autumn. It uses a t-shirt as a reference and has cute little flutter sleeves.

photo from: It's Always Autumn.

photo from: It’s Always Autumn.


Guest Blogging Opportunity


I’m looking for a handful of writers/bloggers who are interested in writing a guest post at 500 Dresses this summer.

I have discovered that when I am really paying attention and following through with a task God puts before me, he gives me another task and then another. Do one thing, and he’ll show you the next thing. I even had the opportunity to write about a series of “next things” in a 500 Dresses story over at Fullfill Magazine a couple years ago.

I know many of you out there are passionate about living your life for Christ’s purposes. And I know some of you like to write. (If you are like me, you have to fight the temptation to ignore real life and just read and read and write and write…and maybe drink some coffee and eat some chocolate.)

I want to hear about your personal experiences of obedience to God. Maybe it was something totally out of your comfort zone, or maybe it was something that fit right into your gifts and passions. Whatever your topic, if it’s a God-glorifying story of obedience, I’d love to share it here.

Send me a message at 500dresses@gmail.com or on facebook if you are interested guest blogging.

Here are the specs:

Word Count: 500-750(ish)

Pictures: Yes, if you have any available.

Format: Not gonna be too picky but short paragraphs are best.

Short Bio: Two or three sentences that can include a link your personal blog if you have one.

Going on a Mission Trip?


Our supply of dresses tends to ebb and flow. Currently it’s flowing.

This a great thing, and we are excited every time a box or bag of dresses arrives at our door. But because we have a good-sized inventory right now, we’ve decided to see if anyone out there is interested in taking some of our dresses and shorts with them on a mission trip.

I’ve mentioned here in the past that shipping is our greatest cost. Many of you have graciously donated money to cover shipping, but we’d much prefer to spend $50 -$100 to send an extra piece of luggage with someone going on a mission trip than several hundred to ship a 45-pound box overseas. The cost to ship to Haiti is doable as it is close to the US. But elsewhere it gets pricey.

If you are headed overseas and interested in taking some dresses and/or shorts with you, please send a facebook message or an email, and we will work out details with you.