Guest Blogging Opportunity


I’m looking for a handful of writers/bloggers who are interested in writing a guest post at 500 Dresses this summer.

I have discovered that when I am really paying attention and following through with a task God puts before me, he gives me another task and then another. Do one thing, and he’ll show you the next thing. I even had the opportunity to write about a series of “next things” in a 500 Dresses story over at Fullfill Magazine a couple years ago.

I know many of you out there are passionate about living your life for Christ’s purposes. And I know some of you like to write. (If you are like me, you have to fight the temptation to ignore real life and just read and read and write and write…and maybe drink some coffee and eat some chocolate.)

I want to hear about your personal experiences of obedience to God. Maybe it was something totally out of your comfort zone, or maybe it was something that fit right into your gifts and passions. Whatever your topic, if it’s a God-glorifying story of obedience, I’d love to share it here.

Send me a message at or on facebook if you are interested guest blogging.

Here are the specs:

Word Count: 500-750(ish)

Pictures: Yes, if you have any available.

Format: Not gonna be too picky but short paragraphs are best.

Short Bio: Two or three sentences that can include a link your personal blog if you have one.

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