Make a Donation, Receive a Doll Dress, Feed a Family

Haitian family in front of their home. (Photo courtesy of Mission to Haiti)

Haitian family in front of their home.
(Photo courtesy of Mission to Haiti)

Many of you know we have handmade 18-inch doll dresses (they fit American Girl Dolls) available at Local Blend in Huxley, Iowa this summer. We are accepting FREE WILL donations for them and are planning to use the proceeds to feed Haitian families.

We are now making these dresses available to those of you who aren’t from the central Iowa area.

If you are interested in one of the dresses pictured below, simply send me an email at Specify whether you would like dress 1, 2, 3 or 4.  (They are available on a first-come first-served basis.)

After you have specified the dress you would like, send your donation to 500 Dresses, c/o Kim Harms, 314 Centennial Dr., Huxley, IA 50124.

Once I’ve received your donation, I will ship you the dress.

ALL of the proceeds from these dresses will go to Mission to Haiti for the purpose of purchasing beans and rice for Haitian families.

$25 feeds one Haitian family of 5 for a week.

dress b

Dress 1

dress c

Dress 2

Dress a

Dress 3

doll dress 1

Dress 4

Dresses for India

We’re shipping some dresses to India 🙂 Much like when we shipped to Uganda, these dresses will be sent in a suitcase on a flight with a missionary, saving a lot of money in shipping.

We’d love to have your help, but there are two stipulations with these dresses.

1. They must have sleeves.

2. They must be at least knee length.

Below I have linked to a few sleeved dress tutorials I’ve found online that look relatively simple. You can choose one of these or make a dress from a pattern you have as long as it fits the parameters. We will be shipping a variety of sizes.

DEADLINE: August 30.

Questions? Leave a comment or send me a message at

peasant pic


Peasant Dress Tutorial



Peasant Dress Tutorial #2

shift dress


Shift Dress Tutorial

womens dress 3


T-Shirt Shift Dress Tutorial

4 Big Boxes Enroute to Haiti


159 Sundresses

86 pairs of shorts

13 formal dresses

22 new tuxedo shirts

a whole bunch of sandals donated from a store at the end of the season last year

Once again, we are thankful to everyone who donated dresses, shorts, formal wear and money for shipping to make sending these boxes possible.

I don’t yet know when or where we will ship next, but we accept donations all year long.





Help Us Feed Haitians

 “Have you even for one second in your life been hungry?”

That question, posed to me by a Haitian interpreter in 2012, has haunted me ever since. Read the following little story I wrote a couple years ago, and you will see why I am passionate about sending funds to feed Haitians.

(And why I am excited that we have an anonymous person willing to match all donations for doll dresses, up to $250!)


Me and Billy

I sit enjoying Billy’s company on a wooden bench shaded from the hot Caribbean sun. He is eloquent. He is intelligent. His smile genuine. His joyful spirit contagious. He speaks excellent English with a beautiful accent.  Dressed handsomely in navy blue pants and button-down shirt, he may as well be an old friend from back home.

In just one day, my Haitian brother has gripped my heart.

He did not choose poverty.

He did not choose hunger.

He did not choose life in Tent City.

He asks about my life. What can I say? I live in a 5 bedroom home, of which only 3 bedrooms are slept in on a regular basis. I have cupboards full of food and regularly toss uneaten leftovers down my garbage disposal. Clean drinking water flows from multiple faucets and ice pops out of my freezer with the push of a button.

My voice falters. I can’t verbalize the discrepancy between his life and mine. So I speak of things that don’t accentuate the contradiction that is my abundance and his scarcity.

Then he asks the question I can’t sidestep. The one that now drifts through my mind a dozen times a day.

“Have you for even one second in your life been hungry?”

It takes all I have to look into his eyes, but I owe him an honest answer.

“No, Billy. I have never known what it is to be hungry. Every day of my entire 37 years, I have had more than enough.”

And now as I am back home, my more than enough breaks my heart into pieces.  Every bit of abundance causes an ache inside. But I trust that God breaks hearts so he can mold them into something new. So he can impart his perfect love into my imperfect being.

I know that as I sit here with my coffee and my laptop, my God – the one who is able to save little American girls and little Haitian boys – is working on the inside making me a new creation to do the work which he has prepared in advance for me to do.

And my friends, a new creation ever growing in the desire to serve and obey my God is exactly what I want to be.

A generous anonymous person has offered to match the money made from our doll dresses, up to $250. So every dollar you donate becomes $2. Sweet!

Here’s a sampling of the dresses available at Local Blend Coffee Shop.

If you are not local to Huxley and are interested in a dress email us at

doll dress 1 doll dress 2 doll dress 3

Haitian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

brunel and bride

Brunel and his Bride-to-Be

This month we are raising funds to help pay for Brunel’s wedding ceremony. Our goal is to cover the $250 cost required to secure the appropriate government paperwork.

Weddings in Haiti are big and often extravagant occasions, but there are a number of ways they differ from American weddings.

The following are a few things that might take place at Brunel’s wedding that you wouldn’t likely see at a wedding stateside.

1. The wedding party may dance down the aisle.

2. The wedding ceremony may last up to 3 hours. 

3. The bride and groom may sit facing each other instead of standing for the ceremony. (If my wedding was 3 hours long, I’d want to sit too.)

4.  There may be another couple, dressed like a bride and groom who enter before them. This couple is called the prince and princess.

5. The wedding cake may not be cut at the reception, but at the home of the bride and groom a few days after the wedding.

6. A 2:00 wedding may not start until 3:00 or later. (Schedules in Haiti are a bit more relaxed than they are here.)

7. There may not be formal wedding invitations. Sometimes word-of-mouth does the trick.

If you are interested in giving toward Brunel’s wedding, send us a donation with “Brunel’s wedding” in the memo. You may also send a card of encouragement for the couple.

Four 500 Dresses Updates


1. We are no longer accepting wedding gowns. As these are rented out and not sold, they currently have plenty of inventory in Haiti.


2. We are still accepting formal gowns; bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and prom dresses of all sizes. These dresses are sold instead of rented out so the inventory fluctuates.


3. We will be making a shipment this coming week, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed a deadline to get donations to us. We accept donations all year, and often have the opportunity to send small shipments of sundresses and shorts to various countries in between our big shipments to Haiti. Anything we receive after next week’s shipment will be stored for the future.


4. We have handmade American Girl Doll Dresses available at Local Blend Coffee Shop in Huxley, IA for a free will donation. All of the proceeds will go toward feeding Haitian families. If you are interested in a dress, but aren’t local to Huxley, email me at

Handmade American Girl Doll Dresses Available @ Local Blend


Handmade American Girl Doll Dresses are now available at Local Blend Coffee Shop in Huxley, IA (just off of Highway 69 in the Ballard Plaza.)

The dresses are available for a FREE WILL donation. Some of them are made out of small leftover pieces of fabric from dresses sewn for girls in Haiti and Africa.

ALL of the proceeds from these dresses will go to Mission to Haiti for the purpose of purchasing beans and rice for Haitian families.

$25 feeds one Haitian family of 5 for a week.

Stop in at Local Blend this month, drink a yummy coffee and pick out a  cute little dress 🙂

Thanks for taking part in this ministry!