Haitian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

brunel and bride

Brunel and his Bride-to-Be

This month we are raising funds to help pay for Brunel’s wedding ceremony. Our goal is to cover the $250 cost required to secure the appropriate government paperwork.

Weddings in Haiti are big and often extravagant occasions, but there are a number of ways they differ from American weddings.

The following are a few things that might take place at Brunel’s wedding that you wouldn’t likely see at a wedding stateside.

1. The wedding party may dance down the aisle.

2. The wedding ceremony may last up to 3 hours. 

3. The bride and groom may sit facing each other instead of standing for the ceremony. (If my wedding was 3 hours long, I’d want to sit too.)

4.  There may be another couple, dressed like a bride and groom who enter before them. This couple is called the prince and princess.

5. The wedding cake may not be cut at the reception, but at the home of the bride and groom a few days after the wedding.

6. A 2:00 wedding may not start until 3:00 or later. (Schedules in Haiti are a bit more relaxed than they are here.)

7. There may not be formal wedding invitations. Sometimes word-of-mouth does the trick.

If you are interested in giving toward Brunel’s wedding, send us a donation with “Brunel’s wedding” in the memo. You may also send a card of encouragement for the couple.

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