500 Dresses in India



It makes you feel loved to discover that God used you to answer the prayer of a group of little girls in an Indian orphanage.  That’s what happened to mom this week.

The following is an email of thanks she received for the dresses we shipped to India this summer. When mom discovered this opportunity  to help needy girls in India, and found that the orphanage required “sleeved” dresses (most of the dress donations we receive are sleeveless), she got to work sewing dresses.

The photo above is the fruit of her labors, and the fruit of those who have donated to our cause. You help make it possible to send dresses halfway across the world.

(Brother Aby is the missionary who took the dresses to India for us.)

Dear Brother Aby, Greetings for the day! Thank you very much for bringing clothes for my girls! It worth a lot for them. We have been praying for a new clothes for the last six+ months and just thank God for His timely provision. I know for sure that somebody paid the price, sacrifice their time and money and sent this precious gift – can you say a BIG THANKS to them. Our kids prayed for them without knowing their name and I believe God will bless and prosper their lives. I also thank you for bringing it to us, since I have been to overseas many times I know the struggles to bring such a huge bag! May the good Lord bless you Aby! Please see few snaps that I took this morning from our home! Blessings!
Ajayan Abraham

One thought on “500 Dresses in India

  1. So happy to have found your blog, these photos have really made me smile. What a blessing for your mum to have received such encouragement! Also pleased to have found another sewing Christian on this big wordpress world 🙂

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