My Life Since Cancer


Me and My Man 🙂

It’s been about six months since my cancer diagnosis, and a few of you have sent kind messages telling me that you are thinking of me and praying for me. I thought I’d take a few hundred words to update you on my health status.

I’m anxiously awaiting my final reconstruction surgery next week which, aside from hormone therapy and regular check-ups with my oncologist, will mark the end of my breast cancer madness. Hallelujah!

I’m doing great. I really am. Aside from the crazy discomfort of these awful reconstruction expanders in my chest, I feel normal. I feel healthy. I feel like Kim.

If you are curious about expanders, I recommend you google it. But I suggest reading articles written by women who have gone through it instead of articles written by surgeons. Doctors have this thing for substituting the word discomfort for excruciating.  They seriously need to work on their vocab.

If you are curious if I still trust in God, absolutely. He is good. Always. And he has blessed me in amazing ways over the past few months.

I could list dozens of things he has done to show me he loves me lots, but I’ll just share one example to give you an idea.

John Piper is one of my favorite Bible teachers, and his words have reached out and grabbed me several times in my adult life. But something he said in a video I watched early on during this cancer year sunk the roots of my faith in Jesus deep down into the dirt.

Last month I posted An Open Thank You Letter to John Piper  on my blog. And guess what? He responded to that post.  How awesome is that? In February, God used John Piper in a youtube video to reach into my heart, and in June he used him once again to remind me that I am loved, and I am cared for.

Nowhere in the 66 books of the Bible did God promise that I wouldn’t get cancer. He did, however, promise that he would never leave me. And he reminds me of his presence over and over in the most lovely ways.

Dresses for Grenada and Peru


I’m pretty pathetic about keeping everyone up-to-date on our dress shipments these days, but mom has been doing a lot of sewing and sending.

The photo above is of some dresses that went to Grenada earlier this year (late spring I think.)

Mom is also sending close to 100 dresses and shorts to Peru later this summer with my aunt who is traveling there on a mission trip.

As always, we appreciate your dress donations, and love to have dresses on hand. We sometimes get contacted by people who want to take our dresses overseas with them, and we don’t always have a lot of notice to get a shipment ready.

A couple reminders if you are thinking of sending dresses.

  1. Make sure the fabric is not too sheer. If we can see through the fabric we can’t send it.
  2. We accept all sizes, but tend to get a lot more little ones than big ones. We’d love to receive some size 14-16 or even women’s small dresses for the older girls in the orphanages.
  3. You can you any modest sundress pattern you choose.
  4. We’d love some dresses with short-sleeves as we can’t ship sleeveless dresses to India for modesty reasons.