Our Dresses Made it to India


We received a message from the missionary who took some of our dresses to India. They made it and are ready to be distributed. Here’s the email we received.

The clothes have reached India. Thank you very much. They are lovely!

I am working on getting them to the orphanages. It may take us a month or two to have someone go there or have the field leader visit Delhi, where the clothes are right now.

Again, appreciate your heart and the hard work.

Thanks again to all of you who help make it possible to send dresses and supplies around the world!

Easy Short Sleeve Dress and T-shirt Dress Tutorials


Adorable girls from an Indian orphanage wearing our dresses.

We would love to have some sleeved dresses (size 10 and up is best) for our inventory, and I found some simple tutorials to get you started if you are interested in serving 500 Dresses in this way.

All of the dresses that we ship to India must have sleeves, and we don’t often have a lot of notice before a shipment is to go out. We send our dresses to India via missionary luggage, so we don’t plan shipment dates. The more of you who donate sleeved dresses, the easier it will be for us to fill a suitcase when we are given an opportunity to ship to India.

Thanks for considering helping us out by trying out one of these dress styles!

Twirly Tshirt dress tutorial

Twirly T-Shirt Dress Tutorial (From craftycupboard.net)


T-Shirt Dress Tutorial (from jackandkate.com)


How to Make a T-shirt Dress (from thehappyhousewife.com)


Short Sleeve Peasant Dress Tutorial (from sewlikemymom.com)


Easy Shift Dress DIY Tutorial (from sewpetitegal.blogspot.com)

Dresses for India

IMG_20160420_191315 IMG_20160420_192004

Pictured above are some of the cute dresses mom shipped to India this week. The dresses we send to India must have sleeves. It’s a cultural modesty issue.

We love it when we receive boxes of dresses to ship throughout the world, but we usually receive sleeveless dresses. If you are interested in helping us build up our inventory for the next time we have the opportunity to ship to India, we are especially in need of sleeved dresses size 10 and up.

I will post some simple dress style ideas soon to get you started. ( T-shirt dresses are perfect and easy to make.)



Dresses for India

We’re shipping some dresses to India 🙂 Much like when we shipped to Uganda, these dresses will be sent in a suitcase on a flight with a missionary, saving a lot of money in shipping.

We’d love to have your help, but there are two stipulations with these dresses.

1. They must have sleeves.

2. They must be at least knee length.

Below I have linked to a few sleeved dress tutorials I’ve found online that look relatively simple. You can choose one of these or make a dress from a pattern you have as long as it fits the parameters. We will be shipping a variety of sizes.

DEADLINE: August 30.

Questions? Leave a comment or send me a message at 500dresses@gmail.com.

peasant pic

from onceuponasewingmachine.com

Peasant Dress Tutorial


from scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

Peasant Dress Tutorial #2

shift dress

from morningbymorningproductions.blogspot.com

Shift Dress Tutorial

womens dress 3

from elleapparelblog.com

T-Shirt Shift Dress Tutorial

17 Pounds of Supplies Headed to Orphans in India


Thanks to the packing brilliance of Chris Bass, we fit more in this box than I thought possible. With every square centimeter of air space filled, the box came in three pounds under the international flat-rate limit.

The goodies in the Indian-orphanage-bound package include: toothpaste, toothbrushes, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, antibiotic ointment, hard candy, pencils, pens, crayons and soap.


Mercy and Grace Orphanage – India

Children  5

Children 1Children  4

Do you remember the parable of the persistent widow from the book of Luke? This lady repeatedly came before the judge with the same plea, and eventually she annoyed him enough that he gave in and gave her the justice she was longing for.

Though I definitely wouldn’t call Madhava from Mercy and Grace Orphanage annoying, he does remind me a little bit of that widow. When he first contacted me last summer requesting dresses and shorts for his orphanage, I looked into the cost of shipping, found that it was crazy expensive and decided to let him down gently.

But he was persistent. And I knew he struggled to provide for the needs of the 107 orphans in his care. So mom and I decided to break from our norm of sending clothing, and we shipped a small box of supplies to the orphanage. Dresses and shorts take up a lot of space, but things like school supplies and toiletries are small and relatively easy to ship.

To tell you the truth, when I sent the package I wasn’t 100% confident it would even reach the orphanage. I know very little about India and the postal service in that country. But it did make it, and it took less than three weeks for arrive.

I assured Madhava that if we could come up with an economical way to send clothes, we would do it. So far that hasn’t happened. Mom and I have decided however, that we would like to send another care package their way.

Our plan is to send a large flat-rate box via the USPS for approximately $80 (we’ll do more boxes if we can fill them.)

The following is a list of their needs –

Pencils, pens, crayons, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Children’s Ibuprofen, Children’s Tylenol (chewable NOT liquid please), hard candies.

If you are interested in donating any of these items, please send them or drop them off at my home by February 23.

We have some money set aside for shipping, but we welcome any cash donations as well; especially if we end up sending multiple boxes.

Thanks in advance for any way you choose to take part in this endeavor.