Color and Contemplate: Got a Job?

Dress 4

Once again, you can color the dress above and contemplate the stat below.

The unemployment rate in the United States is approximately 8.2 percent. The official unemployment rate I found for Haiti was 40.6 percent, but I’ve read some news articles that place that number at 70 percent or higher. Yowzers!

I think of the sweet women who washed clothes all day long while Corey and I were in Haiti in April. They were paid very little by our standards, but they were employed and happily doing a job I can’t think of one person in America enjoying. Plus, they got my whites so brilliantly white that I was amazed. In fact, chances are if I have talked to you about my trip, I have probably mentioned the wash ladies. My washing machine has nothing on them.


Every time I think about the hardships in Haiti, I have a new appreciation for my blessed live in the Midwest.

US statistics from 2012 Haitian statistics from 2010

Color and Contemplate: How Old Are You?

Dress 1

I just finished telling people I have no artistic talent over at 26 Letters, and now I’ve published a beautiful hand-drawn sundress coloring page. (OK, so it’s not beautiful. How about cute? Is it at least cute?) It was actually about 75% tracing 25% Kim’s personal touch. Meaning I added the flowers and the ruffle on the bottom.

I’m a flower doodling ¬†pro. I draw about 100 of them on my notes at church every Sunday. (I can doodle and pay attention to the sermon at the same time by the way ūüėČ I’m a woman. I multi-task. )

Now I’ve gotten myself off-track…

Each week this summer I will be doing a color and contemplate post: Print and color the dress. Contemplate the Haiti statistic.

¬†They say knowledge is power. But I prefer to think knowledge can lead to compassion. So let’s squeeze a little more knowledge into our brains, shall we?

What is the life expectancy in Haiti?

a) 40

b) 77

c) 62

What is the life expectancy in the US?

a) 78

b) 52

c) 84

The life expectancy in Haiti  is  c) 62  according to UNICEF 2011 statistics. The life expectancy in the US is a)  78 according to World Bank 2011 statistics.

**I’d love to display some completed coloring pages, so take a photo of your child’s handiwork, send it to me and I’ll post it on the blog or over on¬†facebook.