Fans and Supplies for a Boys’ Home in India

BH kids with new fan

In addition to the dresses we sent to India, Mom sent along a donation for other supplies. The money was used to purchase fans (we provided 2 of the fans in the photo) and other needed items for a boys home.

We have an awesome opportunity to love kids all over the world, and it is so fun when we get photos!

Our Dresses Made it to India


We received a message from the missionary who took some of our dresses to India. They made it and are ready to be distributed. Here’s the email we received.

The clothes have reached India. Thank you very much. They are lovely!

I am working on getting them to the orphanages. It may take us a month or two to have someone go there or have the field leader visit Delhi, where the clothes are right now.

Again, appreciate your heart and the hard work.

Thanks again to all of you who help make it possible to send dresses and supplies around the world!

Easy Short Sleeve Dress and T-shirt Dress Tutorials


Adorable girls from an Indian orphanage wearing our dresses.

We would love to have some sleeved dresses (size 10 and up is best) for our inventory, and I found some simple tutorials to get you started if you are interested in serving 500 Dresses in this way.

All of the dresses that we ship to India must have sleeves, and we don’t often have a lot of notice before a shipment is to go out. We send our dresses to India via missionary luggage, so we don’t plan shipment dates. The more of you who donate sleeved dresses, the easier it will be for us to fill a suitcase when we are given an opportunity to ship to India.

Thanks for considering helping us out by trying out one of these dress styles!

Twirly Tshirt dress tutorial

Twirly T-Shirt Dress Tutorial (From


T-Shirt Dress Tutorial (from


How to Make a T-shirt Dress (from


Short Sleeve Peasant Dress Tutorial (from


Easy Shift Dress DIY Tutorial (from

Dresses for India

IMG_20160420_191315 IMG_20160420_192004

Pictured above are some of the cute dresses mom shipped to India this week. The dresses we send to India must have sleeves. It’s a cultural modesty issue.

We love it when we receive boxes of dresses to ship throughout the world, but we usually receive sleeveless dresses. If you are interested in helping us build up our inventory for the next time we have the opportunity to ship to India, we are especially in need of sleeved dresses size 10 and up.

I will post some simple dress style ideas soon to get you started. ( T-shirt dresses are perfect and easy to make.)



My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

While recovering from surgery, I watch a whole season of Downton Abbey in one day :)

While recovering from surgery, I watched a whole season of Downton Abbey in one day 🙂

On January 20, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.   One month after my 40th birthday.

I was hoping to take a tropical vacation to celebrate my entrance into a new decade. Instead I took a trip to Iowa Methodist Hospital and had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.  Not really what I had in mind for this year.

I’ve been sporadically sharing updates about my months of cancer madness on my writing blog. Take a look at if you are interested in learning about the ups and downs of my year so far.

God is good. And he has shown himself to me in the sweetest ways over the past few months. I’d give up the cancer if I could, but I sure don’t want to give up the closeness I have had with my Savior.

My posts here will probably not be regular any time soon, but mom and I are still continuing our ministry. We want to keep serving and moving in whatever direction God leads us.  Here’s what we’ve got going on currently.

  • Mom is preparing for our second shipment to India.
  • We are still in need of large wedding gowns to ship to Haiti.  Size 12 and up. Please let us know if you have one you’d like to donate.
  • We are hoping to provide support to the sewing school in Buedet, Haiti where mom and I taught in November.  As we learn of needs at the school, we will pass them along to you.

500 Dresses in India



It makes you feel loved to discover that God used you to answer the prayer of a group of little girls in an Indian orphanage.  That’s what happened to mom this week.

The following is an email of thanks she received for the dresses we shipped to India this summer. When mom discovered this opportunity  to help needy girls in India, and found that the orphanage required “sleeved” dresses (most of the dress donations we receive are sleeveless), she got to work sewing dresses.

The photo above is the fruit of her labors, and the fruit of those who have donated to our cause. You help make it possible to send dresses halfway across the world.

(Brother Aby is the missionary who took the dresses to India for us.)

Dear Brother Aby, Greetings for the day! Thank you very much for bringing clothes for my girls! It worth a lot for them. We have been praying for a new clothes for the last six+ months and just thank God for His timely provision. I know for sure that somebody paid the price, sacrifice their time and money and sent this precious gift – can you say a BIG THANKS to them. Our kids prayed for them without knowing their name and I believe God will bless and prosper their lives. I also thank you for bringing it to us, since I have been to overseas many times I know the struggles to bring such a huge bag! May the good Lord bless you Aby! Please see few snaps that I took this morning from our home! Blessings!
Ajayan Abraham

Dresses for India

We’re shipping some dresses to India 🙂 Much like when we shipped to Uganda, these dresses will be sent in a suitcase on a flight with a missionary, saving a lot of money in shipping.

We’d love to have your help, but there are two stipulations with these dresses.

1. They must have sleeves.

2. They must be at least knee length.

Below I have linked to a few sleeved dress tutorials I’ve found online that look relatively simple. You can choose one of these or make a dress from a pattern you have as long as it fits the parameters. We will be shipping a variety of sizes.

DEADLINE: August 30.

Questions? Leave a comment or send me a message at

peasant pic


Peasant Dress Tutorial



Peasant Dress Tutorial #2

shift dress


Shift Dress Tutorial

womens dress 3


T-Shirt Shift Dress Tutorial

17 Pounds of Supplies Headed to Orphans in India


Thanks to the packing brilliance of Chris Bass, we fit more in this box than I thought possible. With every square centimeter of air space filled, the box came in three pounds under the international flat-rate limit.

The goodies in the Indian-orphanage-bound package include: toothpaste, toothbrushes, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, antibiotic ointment, hard candy, pencils, pens, crayons and soap.