Vocational Sewing School Construction Update

Pastor Cadet sent me the following photos of the sewing school construction process.

They’ve got a good start, but a long way to go to complete the structure.

He also sent this note along with the photos.

The students of the vocational program, the teachers and the management staff join our voices together to say thank you to all who have contributed for the construction of the sewing course building which will be used for the youth, the children and the ladies through Mission to Haiti.

The sewing  classes currently meet outside which will be challenging when the rainy season begins.

As I stated in my previous post, everyone who makes a donation from now through the month of May will have their name placed in a drawing for this ISU quilt.

Thanks again for your partnership with mom and me to help Pastor Cadet build a school!

Beudet, Haiti Vocational Sewing School


After a break for the holidays, the vocational school is back in session. The students are working in the same outdoor classroom where mom and I taught in November 2015.

Through your donations we have been able to send $3830 toward the construction of a building to house the school. Construction has begun, but they in order to complete it, they still need additional funding. If you are interested in donating for construction costs, just write your check to 500 Dresses with sewing school construction in the memo. Thanks so much to all who support this ministry.


Sewing school students



Sewing School Staff

A Message from Pastor Cadet

The following is a message I recently received from Pastor Cadet at the sewing school in Buedet, Haiti. He is very thankful for your contributions which will make it possible for construction to begin on their school building.


This photo was taken prior to Hurricane Matthew. During the Hurricane the tarps were torn up pretty badly.

The family of Cadet and the students of the Vocational Program greet you all in Jesus name our savior. We are happy and we enjoy this time to thank you for all  you have done to find this money in order to start the construction building. We let you know that we make some changes in the construction plan to assure its safety because of the possibility to have hurricane and earthquake. So we decide to make a more strong foundation for the building. We already start to buy some building materials. At the end of the week we will start the building construction. I will keep  you informed of the progress of the work on the construction building.

Thank-you so much
Pastor Evans Cadet

$1100 for the Sewing School in Haiti


We have $1100 to send to Pastor Cadet for the construction of a building for his sewing school in Haiti 🙂

That means that he will be just $230 short of his anticipated need for the project. We plan to send our donation in two weeks, so if you have any interest in adding to that $1100 number before then, let us know. The donation will be sent through Mission to Haiti, and the funds will be dispersed to Pastor Cadet throughout the project.

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated toward this very worthwhile project!

The Vocational Tailoring School Dream in Uganda

vocational school copy

When I was a kid, I was a pro at taking things for granted. (Actually,I’m still pretty good at it.)

Like learning to sew for instance. How dare my mom make me sit at the sewing machine on a beautiful summer day to finish 4-H projects when I could have been doing much more important things like meeting Amy at the pool or talking on the pink phone with the extra long cord that I got for Christmas.

But she did dare and I did learn (and chances are the pool plan wouldn’t have worked anyway because  Amy’s mom was probably making her finish her 4-H projects too.)

Unlike me, there are many women around the world who would LOVE the opportunity to learn to sew. Not only would they not take it for granted, the ability to sew could become a way to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads.

In Iganga, Uganda, Faith Power Assembly Church has a dream to open a vocational school. Currently, the church sends women to tailoring centers for training when they have the funds to do so. So far, they have sent a small handful of ladies for training, and Florence Were hopes to employ these ladies as teachers to train more women in the craft. In the meantime, the women who have been trained are making money with their skills.

“Of the first four ladies who learned tailoring, two have secured verandas within our trading center where they are sewing from and earn a living. One is sewing from her small room where she lives and one is yet to complete her course.”

We are grateful for the opportunity to help Florence and Faith Power Assembly Church in a small way by sending sewing supplies  and possibly even a couple small lightweight electric sewing machines along with our dresses and shorts.

The cut-off date for this shipment hasn’t been made yet, but will likely be mid to late June. Any supplies received after the cut-off will be saved for the next Haiti shipment.

 As always, thank you so very much for your involvement in this ministry.