4 Big Boxes Enroute to Haiti


159 Sundresses

86 pairs of shorts

13 formal dresses

22 new tuxedo shirts

a whole bunch of sandals donated from a store at the end of the season last year

Once again, we are thankful to everyone who donated dresses, shorts, formal wear and money for shipping to make sending these boxes possible.

I don’t yet know when or where we will ship next, but we accept donations all year long.





Going on a Mission Trip?


Our supply of dresses tends to ebb and flow. Currently it’s flowing.

This a great thing, and we are excited every time a box or bag of dresses arrives at our door. But because we have a good-sized inventory right now, we’ve decided to see if anyone out there is interested in taking some of our dresses and shorts with them on a mission trip.

I’ve mentioned here in the past that shipping is our greatest cost. Many of you have graciously donated money to cover shipping, but we’d much prefer to spend $50 -$100 to send an extra piece of luggage with someone going on a mission trip than several hundred to ship a 45-pound box overseas. The cost to ship to Haiti is doable as it is close to the US. But elsewhere it gets pricey.

If you are headed overseas and interested in taking some dresses and/or shorts with you, please send a facebook message or an email, and we will work out details with you.

Grace Women’s Retreat Service Project :)


Women from Grace Evangelical Free Church in Huxley took the time to make beaded necklaces to go with each dress and pair of shorts for Haiti this fall. How fun 🙂

Little soccer ball and cross necklaces were made, bagged and pinned to the clothes.

Four boxes are now on their way to Mission to Haiti, via Sheldon, Iowa. 

This is the lowdown of what we sent.

6 Sewing Machines

21 formal dresses

3 wedding gowns

79 dresses

50 pairs of shorts

3 flower girl dresses.

If you add those numbers and the suitcase we just shipped to Uganda to our grand total, we have now sent 1034 sundresses, 305 pairs of shorts, 89 formal dresses and 8 sewing machines overseas.

No dates are set yet for future shipments, but we may have the opportunity to expand to another country soon!

Untitled-1 beadss

God Provides. Always. Period.


I can’t even blame this mess on my boys. 🙂

This is what my spare room looks like with 100 sundresses, 68 pairs of shorts, 21 formal gowns, 6 sewing machines, 5 flower girl dresses 4 mother of the bride dresses and 3 bridal gowns in the midst of being packed.

Sometime next week this chaos will turn into four filled cardboard boxes. 🙂

We usually ship these boxes via UPS down to Miami where they hop on a ship to Haiti. To get one 40(ish) pound box from Huxley, Iowa to Port au Prince, Haiti costs approximately $160. To get four there? $640.

We have been blessed by people who send money for shipping. And we always have enough. Always.

Well, this time around, something very cool is happening. We are going to take these boxes to Sheldon, Iowa, where they will join a truckload of building supplies en route to Miami. Free of charge. Did you hear that? FREE OF CHARGE. And what is even cooler is that we have had 3 people offer to take these boxes to Sheldon for us. Wowzers.

That there is saving us at least $320 my friends. (We will still make a donation to Mission to Haiti to cover the cost of getting the boxes from Miami to Haiti.)

If I ever need reminded of God’s provision, all I have to do is read through the stories of what he has done with 500 Dresses.

Seriously. God provides. Always. Period.

(Thanks to all of you for providing too. It’s awesome. Really it is.)

Haiti Shipment Deadline October 1

Haiti Dresses 6

OK, I lied 🙂 I said I would share a new opportunity this week, but have instead decided to get a shipment off to Mission to Haiti before announcing the new thing.

So here’s the deal.

Mom and I plan to ship 2-3 boxes the first week of October. What does this mean for you? Maybe something. Maybe nothing.

Do you remember those sewing machines that were so generously donated? Well, they have been hanging out in my storage room for a while now and six of them will be on their way in this shipment.

Funny sewing machine story rabbit trail – Our family just moved last week and these sewing machines of course moved with us. Because they are small and lightweight they were the perfect size for our seven-year-old to move. His Sunday School teacher told me yesterday that they were talking about being helpful and each kid was sharing ways that they are helpful to their family. I guess my little man told her that he was helpful by moving 500 sewing machines. Hee Hee. I guess maybe he’s prone to a tad bit of exaggeration 🙂 But he’s a keeper. He always makes me smile (Well, not always. Sometimes he makes me want to pull my hair out, but that’s not as fun to talk about.)

I also have enough formal gowns/wedding dresses/flowergirl dresses to fill a large shipping box.

We would like to fill a third box with sundresses and shorts. We have a few dozen sundresses and zero shorts right now. I plan to purchase some clearance Walmart shorts to send down because (as I stated above) we just moved and finding and setting up my sewing machine is a bit low on my priority list at the moment. If you feel led to either purchase or sew some shorts and send them to me I’d very happily take them.

We also have a plethora (that is not an exaggeration) of donated fabric. If you want to sew dresses or shorts, but need some fabric you can come shopping in my fabric closet. I’ll give you as much as you want! Mom has lots of fabric too, so if you are closer to the Britt, Iowa area, she’d be happy to give you some of hers.

Anything that you get to us by October 1 will go in this shipment. Anything after that time will be held for the next one.

Thanks for your your support of this ministry!

 P.S. The new shipping address is 500Dresses, c/o Kim Harms, 314 Centennial Dr., Huxley, IA 50124

Our Uganda Connection



Florence Were (third from the right in the photo)  is a pastor’s wife in Iganga, Uganda. Her husband has been leading the Faith Power Assembly Church in Iganga since 1998. The church has a congregation of 150 (including children) and a desire to reach more people for Christ.

Florence works with women, counsels youth and advises and oversees the Sunday School program.

The Weres have three children: two biological and one whom they found and took in as their own.

Basically, she’s a wife, a mother and a part of a church family. Just like me and many of you.

According to Florence, Islam is the predominant religion where they live in Southern Uganda, but  Christianity is beginning to take root. The church tries to reach out to those who don’t yet know Jesus through open air meetings, door-to-door preaching and a mercy ministry.

“We show them that we love and care for them by helping their needy with what God provides for us,” she said.

Our dresses and shorts will provide the Faith Power Assembly Church with more provisions to take care of tangible needs among believers and within the Muslim community. We have the opportunity to help the church to be the hands and feet of Christ.

You may remember, Namusubo.



Because of the Operation Christmas Child gift she received from my son Carter last year, her Muslim family allows her to attend a Christian school. So who knows what will happen when more people receive Christ’s love in the way of dresses and shorts sent from Iowa.

I wish I could sit over a cup of coffee and chat with Florence. Bits and pieces of information passed back and forth sporadically via email is great, but I have a feeling I would very much enjoy her company. And I think she could teach me a little something about the important things in life.

As always, thanks so much to all of you who support 500 Dresses.